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GIA Awards Sustainability Commendation

17 November 2014

The Glasgow Institute of Architects have given a Commendation for Sustainable Design to our project which restored and extended Middleburn Cottage.

The key approach to the project was preservation where at all possible of the existing fabric in order to retain the historic integrity of the cottage, together with the use of breathable materials and traditional building methods. There was also an approach not to pristinely restore the building by the removal of later alterations such as the brick built chimneystacks and brickwork inbands to the byre door opening, thereby┬ámaximising the historic integrity and “telling the story” of the building.

There was to be no unnecessary disturbance or destruction of the building fabric, no matter how minor. If any part of the fabric needed to be replaced on a like-for-like basis to match the existing then this was treated as the absolute last resort. Any part of the existing fabric that could not be repaired was considered for a new use to further enhance the historic character of the restored building.

100 year old newspapers which were found as part of the work were incorporated into the interior. The old front door was beyond repair and was used as the end gable of the kitchen units.

The Client carried out several works themselves due to their willingness to learn new traditional conservation methods, to improve their practical conservation skills and to increase their attachment to the existing cottage, with the result being a dwelling with plenty of character and rustic charm.