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Cheltenham Crematorium Feasibility Study

This project for Cheltenham Burgh Council undertook a feasibility study into replacement of the existing cremator plant and recommendations on how to improve the facilities and services on the site, specifically in relation to financial and environmental performance, to meet projected future demand.

The options appraisal identified 8 potential strategies, together with variations totalling 18 potential approaches. These explored the potential for re-use of the existing building, extension of the existing building, new-build within the existing crematorium grounds, new-build on adjacent ground outwith the crematorium site, remote crematory options, together with opportunities for improvement of the vehicular circulation, pedestrian circulation, car parking provision, floral tribute enhancements, and other related improvements and potential for medium and long term expansion in the future.

The feasibility process included consultation meetings with Cheltenham Burgh Council staff and local funeral directors, ministers, celebrants, organists and other interested parties, and consultation with the Planning Officer and Conservation Officer.

Four lead options were identified, namely minimum option of upgrading the existing facility, creation of a remote crematory, alteration and extension of the existing crematorium, and a new-build option. The new-build option was recommended as the preferred approach.

Cheltenham Burgh Council elected to proceed with the recommendation, and the new facility has been successfully completed.