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Dewar House Hamilton

Dewar House was our first dementia care project for Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Limited. Our work with Hanover on this and subsequent projects has enabled us build substantial knowledge of designing for dementia.

Dewar House provides accommodation for 16 residents in two clusters of 8. The circulation spaces are top-lit to bring daylight into the heart of the building. At the centre of each cluster is the dining / kitchen area, and the food smells have been found to have a beneficial effect by increasing the residents’ appetites.

SMART technology was used to allow residents greater freedom while remaining safe, by use of movement and fall detection coupled with automatic lighting. Feedback on the performance of the SMART technology has allowed continuous improvement on subsequent projects.

 The kitchens are active spaces, with meals prepared there daily by the development chef. A number of measures are in place to protect residents, including the use of induction hobs and remote isolating switches.

Throughout the building, doors which are not for general use for residents are painted out to match the walls, while toilet and bathroom doors are painted bright yellow, based on recommendations from Stirling University Dementia Services Development Centre.

The dementia garden provides a safe external space with covered areas and visual interest throughout the year.