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Facade Artwork Glasgow

We designed permanent artwork for the facade and courtyard of new mews housing in the city. The artwork refers to the nine Muses, and comprises two illuminated plaques and a stone fountain.

The goddess Athena gave the winged horse Pegasus to the nine Muses, and where he struck his hoof the Hippocrene fountain sprang forth.

The Muses disported themselves in their sacred grove around the Hippocrene fountain. A rough-hewn stone has been set in the landscaping of the inner courtyard, and water pours from a hoof print incised deep into the rock.

The design also has resonance in the meaning of the word “mews”, which originally described a building for keeping horses. The left-hand plaque shows the provenance of the Muses, while the right-hand plaque shows the constellation of Pegasus.