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Templeton House Ayr

Templeton House lies within the Conservation Area in Ayr and the redevelopment of the site required careful consideration to comply with Planning Policy. We undertook a consultation process with the neighbouring home owners to ensure that the developing design addressed any concerns they had, and as a result the Planning Application received no objections and received a letter of support from the Fort, Seafield and Wallacetoun Community Council.

The design retains the facade of the existing historical villa and creates an additional modern pavilion. The new link building provides the heart of the building, with circulation, coffee shop, cinema room, private dining, hairdresser, and activity space.

The bedroom accommodation proposed within the garden takes advantage of the mature tree-lined historical walled garden setting. All 60 bedrooms have views to the landscaped gardens, which include walks, lawns, and an astro-turf putting green.