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Gemmell Court Ayr

This dementia-friendly housing project for Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Limited provides 12 houses for older people with dementia, who have a tendency to wander and become confused. The courtyard design provides a safe, attractive enclosed environment to reflect the needs of the occupants.

The project is featured as an example of good practice in the Dementia Services Development Centre DSDC guide “Improving the Design of Housing to Assist People with Dementia”.

The courtyard arrangement also reduces noise disturbance to achieve the quiet and calm environment required by people with dementia. The fenestration uses familiar elements to avoid the building appearing strange to people whose cognitive processes are failing. 

Advanced SMART technology allows much greater freedom for residents and the system can be individually tailored to the abilities of each resident.

The site adjoins Ayr Racecourse, and the calm of the courtyard is in marked contrast to the thundering of hooves on race days.